Welcome to Kirkenes Ship Agency AS

Dear Customer, we are local ship agency company and can provide the all port agency service you needs.

Kirkenes is a seaport located close to the border of the vessels route to the Russian Federation. Kystinfo (kystverket.no)

You can use Kirkenes for crew changes, receiving supplies, bunkering and oil products.

There are DHL & Jetpak offices in Kirkenes. There is an airport in Kirkenes and you can quickly bring crew members and spare parts to the ship.

We are pleased to provide you with a ship agency service by "Kirkenes ship agency" AS in Kirkenes with a special focus on planning your voyage through the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

We can also store all types of cargo in bonded warehouse outside and inside and make all necessary customs documents.

For further information, please contact us. 

Port of Kirkenes


The following two pilot points can be used when approaching the port of Kirkenes

South Pilot Point

 N69° 45' 50" E030° 04' 53"

North Pilot point 

N69° 51' 30" E030°07"20"


We can offer you quays with a wide range of services such as fresh water delivery, garbage disposal and shore power connection. The quays are also suitable for loading and unloading operations with crane.